My birthday dinner


with Andrew, Annie (George’s partner), and me.

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Millie, Jack & Olivia @ Wet & Wild


Millie & Jack, my grandkids with their friend Olivia at Wet and Wild in Sydney last weekend.



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The Sky

I can still remember the photo from the day I took it as the sky was cloudless and very blue

Jack are surfing has very enjoyed so happy with him.


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The future

There are lots of old families who have been here for years, and it’s not too gentrified.

These great old restaurants.

I am pleased your day started out happy. I am sorry I haven’t been by in a while I guess we get caught up in our own lives sometimes there just been so much going on…


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Simplicity is best

I think facebook should be called Facesbook because its just place where people plop out all their crap. That was it.

A friends non digital house, in an external backyard around a very tastefully spread sheeted table, and there was a bunch of people there, all happily adding each other to their “friends list” and sharing comments without anyone turning on their privacy settings.



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The basic things in life

My own relationship with blog  runs hot and cold I really love  but I feel like the older,I get,the more I am drZwn to the basic things in my daily life because everything also is so goofy and crazy I  was itch express myself. Swing off the side of my old life.

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My self

If I don’t like a book,I don’t finish it. I know some people can’t do it, but get this: I just stop .Why would you west valuable reading time,of which most of that feels like as have very little,Persisting something that  feels like a chore? I could be filling my brain and soul with a book that really stimulates  The fun and trashy-I don’t myself!.


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